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Hey there, come on in! 

              I saved a seat for you

Isn’t it just the best feeling when you hear those magical words, “I saved a seat for you”? You experience this flood of sweet emotions: acceptance, caring, friendship, kindness and belonging just to name a few.

I help women tap into their potential, unpack their dreams that have been hidden away for too long, and guide them towards a well balanced and more satisfying life.

It’s easy for women that are caregivers to their aging loved ones to get a little (or a lot) sidetracked and lose sight of their own identity.

Do you remember that girl that used to laugh and dream big dreams? The one that people looked up to because she was daring and brave and confident? Let’s go get her. She’s still there, and she’s been waiting too long for her day in the sun. I know it seems scary, but I promise you can do this. 

You’ve got nothing to lose, but a whole world to gain.

 I’ll be here when you’re ready, 

saving a seat just for YOU!


You Are Not Alone

Maybe you are grappling with guilt because you no longer want to be a hands-on caregiver
Maybe you are finding it challenging to achieve a balance between caring for your parent and your own family

Maybe you feel angry or resentful toward other family members because they are not "pitching in" to help provide care

Maybe you have reached your personal limits and you're not sure how to move forward

Maybe you are having difficulty managing family dynamics as you are providing care for your spouse or loved one

Maybe you are not able to put a label on your feelings, but you just can't seem to shake the discontent

Does any of that sound familiar?

I get it. I hear you.

I've been there too.

I want you to know that you are not alone and I need you to know that you are a big deal

and I am so very proud of you for showing up.  

It is not easy to look any of these emotions in the eye, but you are doing just that.  

And that, my friend, takes a massive amount of courage.

Ready to go find that girl with the big dreams?

Yes, Let's Go!

My Mission
To reach women that are caregivers to their loved ones and show them their potential to achieve a balanced life and help them show up for themselves, unpack their dreams, lean into change and start living their biggest life.

My Vision
A world where no woman has to needlessly suffer, feel alone, trade her quality of life or happiness for someone else's while caring for her spouse, parent or other aging loved one.  I want to show women that they don't have to choose, they can have both.

Why a life coach?

My grandma (and name-sake, by the way) passed away due to complications from Alzheimer's disease 20 years ago. My mom was her primary caregiver. I saw the toll that caring for grandma took on my sweet mama.  Back then, there just weren't many resources available for us to tap into, so we did what every other family did, we made due with what we had and we learned by trial and error. Lots and lots of trial and error. I knew there had to be a better way. There had to be someone out there that could guide us and offer us some peace of mind. Someone that had been through this before and could lock arms with us and offer us some advice.  Sadly, we never found that person.

That experience was the catalyst that pushed me toward a career in senior care.  In short, I wanted to do better than the status quo of the industry.  I needed to do better, I needed to show up for these families that needed that guide that we needed so long ago.  That's how it all started.

My Experience

I'm a Certified Master Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Coach and Dementia Practitioner. With 15 years of senior care operations experience under my belt I have witnessed, first hand, the challenges that women face while caring for their aging loved ones.

This led me to pursue my passion and dedicate my career to helping women lean into difficult change and move through it in a healthy, purposeful and fulfilling way. During my career in the senior care industry, I have held such roles as Executive Director and Regional Director of Operations and have managed multi-million dollar care portfolios.  Since walking away from the corporate life and choosing to coach, consult and educate full time, I have fine tuned my coaching practice to focus on Caregiver Coaching.  I am grateful for and I often tap into the skills and knowledge that I developed during my career in senior care, but in coaching women and caregivers, have found my true passion and calling.

Throughout my career I have had the honor of helping hundreds of women improve their quality of life by finding the right care solutions for their loved ones and guiding them toward a more fulfilling life for themselves.  I'm blessed far beyond measure to be able to do this work each day.

But who's the lady behind the "coach" title?

I'm a mama, a fiancé, a friend, a lifelong learner, and a lover of animals, books, writing, music, travel, and great food. I love creating in the kitchen, home organization, natural skin care, finding a super good deal and spending time with family and friends.  Getting away to the beach to soak up some vitamin sea is how I recharge my batteries when I'm running low (because self care is NOT selfish).  Yoga, meditation and essential oils are necessities for me and I adore exploring new places.   I have the amazing ability to fall while walking UP stairs, and I dance around my office to boy band music when I need an attitude adjustment.  I still pick up my phone to call my Mom or Dad at least once or twice a week even though they have both been gone for several years.  Helping women set and smash their goals is an obsession of mine.  Honesty and loyalty are my love languages.  Oh yeah, and leggings, going barefoot and pedicures are some of my favorite things ever. 

About my coaching style...

Benita, thank you so much for the training session today. I have been to many sessions, and today's presentation was the most useful I have ever attended. You addressed issues we are concerned about, gave wonderful practical suggestions, and kept it informal and light. You have a wonderful technique for getting people involved and comfortable asking questions."

-Anne B.

Online Courses

My online coaching courses are available in an easy to follow, self paced format and are ideal for skill building.  I only launch between 2-3 courses each year so that I am able to show up for and serve my students well.  Be sure to subscribe to my email list to stay in the know about course launches.

Caregiving Coaching

Dealing with life changes, the stress of caring for a parent or a spouse whose health is declining, or the physical and emotional demands of providing care is tough.  My coaching programs will help guide you back to a more balanced life and help you deal with these stressors in healthy, meaningful ways.

Life Coaching

Working with a professional coach will help you gain useful insights and challenge you to take the necessary steps to address growth opportunities and move forward to tackle your goals with a positive attitude and improved mental focus.  

It will change your life.

I see You

I see you.  

I see you over there doing the best that you can.  

I see you pushing through and unselfishly giving grace to everyone else but yourself.  

I see your pain. And it's big. 

But I also see your courage, and your bravery and your grit.

And it's bigger.

You can do hard things.

You have done hard things.

You are doing hard things now.

Don't forget to give yourself grace too.

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